New beginnings

New beginnings can be hard. This post explains why I started a brand new virtual life, by building a brand new website with brand new content and a brand new me.

Posted in Miscellaneous on May 08, 2021

Photo by Chilli Charlie on Unsplash

Hello and welcome to my new website

This is the 4th version for my personal website. The last three were only redesigns, or updates to my photography website, but not this one. I started a new carrer in a completely new area: Research in IT, more exactly in Artificial Intelligence. Yes, beginnings can be hard. You are faced with the same hard road ahead that you already know so well. You were in the same place years ago. You feel the same things, like insecurities, fear of the unknown and many other sensations that grow into anxieties. But in spite of all the hard things, something is very different this time. Years of failures and dead ends have scarred you, but have left something precious: experience.

Although I've learned programming since high school, for 14 years I've been a professional photographer a job that has provided me with many beautiful moments and have contributed to my personal growth. I ended up to better understand people, my place in the world and how humbling it is to talk to a 12 year old child who has grown in poverty. I've grown to understand the value of information and knowledge, which helped me greatly in times when my patience and drive were severely tested.

The moment of change has arrived a long time ago, right before the COVID pandemic. Back then, I lacked the courage to implement the change, but all is not lost. Today I am really proud to present all of you with my new website.

Here you will find information about me, my passions and bits of my knowledge. I can’t say that I know a lot, but countless hours of research can’t go to waste like this. This is why my blog will be updated, hopefully, at least once a week, with interesting articles, curated news, tutorials, my photography portfolio, poetry (in my native romanian language) and many other things that I can gather and present.

Also, I have planned some tutorials and blog posts about photography, which will touch more complex aspects than those usually found in other tutorials. I hope some of you will find them interesting. Maybe even share them somewhere.

You can also find me on where I publish some premium content (as you might know, is a paid platform which gives back to writers). I hope I will see you all there.

Have a great day!

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