About me

My only drive is passion for what I do and my love for nature. I dream for an opportunity to make a difference in this world, to give something meaningful to our children, or just leave them a better Earth. I worked for 14 years as a professional photographer, so I have the soul of an artist. Today, I'm more geared towards sustainability and optimizing resources, which is a form of art on it's own. I love to find beauty in everything, even in lines of code that must behave exactly how I want them to. O(n) is always my target.

Software Architecture Software Integration Distributed Systems CMS Software Development Custom Needs Genetic Algorithms Metaheuristic Optimizations IoT Data Mining Algorithmic Approaches Advanced Automation

The Creative Adult is the child who survived.

A.I. Researcher, Software Developer, Amateur Photographer.

  • Website: erdeirudolf.com
  • Phone: +40 744 401 352
  • Location: Romania
  • Degree: Master of Science in Engineering
  • Email: contact@erdeirudolf.com
  • Freelance: Partly Available

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